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" Our expertise in sourcing and creating unique products to the highest technical standard has enhanced our customer’s sales and consumers choice "

Working closely with our manufacturing partners we have developed first to market concepts from within our drinks, infant foods and gluten free ranges.


Our philosophy is to work hand in hand with both retailers and manufacturing partners in developing a trusted and long term relationship creates profitable and sustainable products.

Our business ethos is to offer a Category Management solution for our customers and partners from concept to shelf.


Brands Direct Ltd first participated in the BRCJS Global Standard for Agents & Brokers audit and achieved AA grade which has been maintained to this day. 



Sourcing and product development is key to Brands Direct and being ahead of the curve and allows us to source new and first to market products.


Through market research, exploring international markets, attending a vast array of exhibitions around the world and working closely with our current supply partners, we are able to develop new and exciting ranges that our customers will see add value and freshness to their consumer offering.


& Technical


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Our technical team has many years of industry experience which they use to help and support suppliers in the implementation of specific customer and third party standards.

Having a robust Quality Management System in place ensures that our products are always supplied to the highest standards and adhere to all quality, safety and legal requirements.

Our team regular audit all our regular suppliers and assist them through customer and third party audits to ensure the highest industry standards are constantly maintained.

Developing new and exciting products is a key objective for our technical team. They continually are working with new ingredients to ensure we are offering new products that exceed the expectations of both our customers and their consumers.

​We are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing with all suppliers being a member of Sedex.


We understand the importance of having a safe, secure and effective transport network.


Working with the most up to date logistic systems and having strategically based warehouses allows our dedicated hauliers to meet the lead times and demands required by our customers.


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From Field

to Fork

Sustainable food sourcing of the world

Our business ethos is to offer a Category Management solution for our customers and partners from concept to fork


Product Range

Working closely with both our retail and supply partners, our philosophy is to develop and maintain trusted and long term relationships that help facilitate the creation of products that are sustainable and profitable for all parties.

The BDL Category Management principles help us to offer business solutions that underpin our main objective in developing, sourcing and supplying first to market products for the drinks, infant food and Free From categories.

We are proud to have achieved and maintained, from 2018 to this date, the BRCJS AA Grade Rating.



Giving infants the best start – creating healthy, tasty foods and snacks.


We are the leading supplier of private label organic, innovative and nutritionally balanced baby snacks.

  • Cereals stage 1-3

  • Rice Cakes

  • Corn Puffs

  • Lentil and Pea Puffs

  • Cereal Bars

  • Fruit Bars

  • Biscuits



Our comprehensive and delicious private label “Free From” range encompasses the full range required to meet the everyday needs of our consumer.

Contact us about our totally allergen free sites.

  • Biscuits

  • Ricecakes

  • Cereals

  • Cereal Bars

  • Corn/Lentil Puffs

  • Pasta

  • Ambient Ready Meals

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Grape-Nuts is packed full of goodness. Made with wholesome ingredients and fortified with vitamins and minerals, a

half-cup serving of Grape-Nuts Original cereal is an excellent source of fibre and provides 100% of your daily recommended whole grain.


From Field

to glass

Sustainable drink sourcing of the world

Producing the finest quality private label beers, ciders and unique blends of

pre-mixed spirits




Our experience in supplying the UK BWS off trade sector with both Private Label and Branded products spans back to 1993.  Through our network of distilleries, bottling and canning facilities, Brands Direct offer a wide range of Premium bottled / canned,  spirits and RTD's for private label retail.  


Brands Direct Ltd are a well-established supplier to the UK off trade with branded Spirits and RTD Cocktails/Spirits and our portfolio of Branded lines continues to expand.  


Developing the right route to market for branded products enabling brands to succeed.   

  • Private Label spirits

  • Private Label Premixed Cocktails/spirits

  • Extensive Branded Premium Spirits range

  • Extensive Branded RTD Cocktail/Spirits range 



& Ciders

  • Bitters

  • Porters/Stouts

  • Golden Ales

  • Fruit Beer

  • Wheat Beers

  • World Beers

With our roots firmly planted in the supply of both branded and private label international Lager's and crafted Ciders, Brands Direct have evolved over the last decade to encompass craft beers – once again in both Private and branded.


With our experience and facilities Brands Direct capabilities offering of Premium Bottled Ales, Cider and Craft Beer is unrivalled.

  • Craft Beers

  • Low / No Alcohol Craft Beers

  • Premium Belgian and Italian Lager

  • Standard Cider

  • Premium county Specific Cider

  • Fruit & Mulled Cider

  • Low Alcohol Cider



One of the most alkaline natural spring waters in the world.

AquaVia is the essence of modern day healthy living.  Their mission is to bring you access to the highest quality premium water whatever your environment and whatever your individual needs.

AquaVia are dedicated to operational excellence and strive to become the preferred choice among those who value health, innovation and high quality products, operating in gratitude to what nature provides to us all.


Our purpose is to offer nature in its purest form, all the while giving back to nature.

The natural volcanic filtration that AquaVia undergoes beneath the surface makes it so pure that nothing needs to be added or taken away. AquaVia is bottled at the source to preserve its elements and unique properties.

We are very honoured to announce that AquaVia has been awarded The Crystal Taste Award 2020, by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

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